Bangkok – Thailand


Bangkok bedroom, Bangkok, Thailand. November 2007

Note to my friend Craig, the day I booked my year long trip on my own.

Alright boy,

So I did it! I’m out of here on November the 6th. (2007) Fuck, it feels odd. Turned 25 yesterday and just thought if I don’t do it right now I never will. Just back from Trailfinders. €2,000 in total. Have to get my visa, jabs and insurance sorted now but fuck it man I’m out!

CAIRNS-MELBOURNE February 1st (provisional depending on you)
MELBOURNE-CHRISTCHURCH June 1st (provisional)
AUCKLAND-SANTIAGO July 15th (provisional)
RIO DE JANEIRO-DUBLIN November 5th 2008

Can’t wait to run some two bit nipple peep show from Rio de Janeiro. Can’t wait to have Christmas on the beach, Can’t wait to eat from markets in Asia, can’t wait to challenge my intellect again. Can’t wait to see you in Sydney for that trip up the Gold Coast to Cairns in January 😉

Make it happen buddy!



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